Combining two spring systems , Bonell- and pocket springs gives a unique combination, our Cosinova® spring system. Our Valence matrass (thickness 21cm) consists of  a combination of Cosinova® springs and on both sides of the matrass a layer of high resilience foam. The Cosinova® spring system is in strength equal to a Bonell with steelband but it has a much better pressure partition. The smaller springs, placed in a varied turning direction,give a perfect laying comfort. We use 135 veren per m².  The 5 coil springs Cosinova® have a wire thickness of 2,2mm, comparable with an average Bonell spring (Our Bonell spring is 2,4mm!!). The cover layers of the matrass on both sides is high resilience foam. The springs and the high resilience foam are joined into a double cloth cover which is removable by a zipper. Besides our standard sizes different sizes in length, width and height are always possible. Extra options: matrass can be supplied with fire retardant treatment.

Construction of the Valence matrass with Cosinova® springsB go back logo

Cosinova® 5 coil springs (wire thickness 2,2mm), 135 springs per m².
Pressure dividers on top and bottom side 450 grams m²
Foamed around with comfortable polyether. (SG25).
High resilience foam(HR40) layers (2,5cm) on top and bottom of the matrass.
Core is provided with double cloth cover which is removable by a zipper.


 Core can be  uphostered with  flame resistant double cloth cover.


Each Valencematrass is packed in a very strong plastic packaging.
On the packaging there is a sticker with the name and sizes of the product.

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