Intertras offers a complete range of hotel boxsprings and mattresses. If necessary we can combine them  with a headboard or feetend. Our products not only provide a beautiful look but more importantly give hotelguests a good night’s sleep.

With our 25 years of experience  producing boxsprings and mattresses, you can expect a  very reliable product. We ourselves expect the highest standard for our products. We produce using high quality raw materials which we buy in The Netherlands and the countries surrounding. Our standard of quality is checked during the entire production process.

With our own production facility in Veendam, the Netherlands we are able to produce the product you need. Whether you are a budget hotel, a holiday park or a five star resort, Intertras can supply any requested product. And because we control our own production process we can offer a very competitive price level.

On our website we want to show you our complete collection of boxsprings, mattresses, headboards and feetends and other accessories. Contact one of our Intertras specialists. Let us inform you about the ways in which we can provide your guests with a sleeping comfort of the highest standard.